Thursday, January 11, 2007

Getting set for the ice (and no, not bling)

If you live in or around southwest Missouri (and many parts of the midwest), you better get set for a major ice storm. With the amount of precipitation on the way via an area of low pressure and an ever rapidly approaching cold front, we're going to have anywhere from 1-2 inches of ice accumulation by the storm's end on Sunday. To top it off, we could have a snow showers fall on that on Sunday night into Monday.

My big question is what we're going to do if we lose electricity, which is highly likely. If worse comes to worse, we could build a big fire in the back yard and sit out next to it. As far as cooking goes, I have a camp stove that uses propane, so we won't go hungry.

Aside from the weather, I had a good time participating in the running club at school today. Some of the kids at school kept pestering me, asking if I'd run with them. I finally gave in the other day and told them I would on Thursday. So, that's what I did today. I didn't run much because I served as the caboose of the group, cheering on the slower kids who weren't have as successful run as the kids in the front.

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