Monday, March 19, 2007

Catching up

You've been egged!

Yeah, it's been a few weeks since I've posted. Last week, Rachel was sick, and I didn't do much on the computer.

We've been busy lately, especially on Saturday. We did some pretty big turkey talk on a used vehicle (a 2005 Pontiac G6) at at dealership in Branson. But after much consideration, I think we've changed our minds about getting it. I feel like we can get a better deal and more car for the money. Our 1998 Chevy Prizm is getting ever so close to 150,000 miles. It doesn't really have any mechanical problems, but its reliability factor is diminishing more and more as it gets older and acquires more miles. So, we are looking to buy something, but not necessarily in a huge hurry.

Rachel is on spring break this week and is staying busy catching up on work she missed last week while she was sick. She had some sort of a flu bug which provided her with a lovely five-day fever and bad back/neck pain. No, it wasn't meningitis, but it was something that provided us some concern. After a few trips to the doctor, the only thing we knew was that she had nothing serious. Gotta love those $100 doctor visits in which the doctor can't really tell you what's wrong. And why didn't I go into medicine?

Well, I better be getting set for the rest of the week. Only four more days until I have my spring break! After that, it'll be two months of utter chaos in middle school. June 7 is forever away!

Have a nice week.

Hasta pronto.

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