Sunday, December 16, 2007

Bright sunshiny day

We managed to pile up some of the higher amounts of snow here in good ol' C'field. As you can notice in the National Weather Service estimation map, we're near the eight-inch snowfall plot. My vehicles definitely can attest to the snowfall amounts. I just got in a little while ago from sweeping the eight inches of snow off of them, and then I moved them into a nice sunny area of the parking lot.

It's sunny and the snow is dripping rapidly right now, but I know the predicted 15-degree low tonight could make things slippery in the morning.

I just have two more days of teaching and then we have three half days of administering and grading finals to finish the week. I hope to get all of them graded so I don't have to do anything over break. I plan to spend most of my time back in God's country (a.k.a. southwest Missouri), and I hope that we can move a few more things to the apartment over break -- specifically a comfortable place to sit. I'm tired of sitting on lawn chairs!

Oh, and those of you who are interested in keeping up with news in St. Louis, you can watch a live feed of Fox 2 when they're on air.

Hasta pronto.

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