Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Flakes

As I type, the snow is still falling outside our apartment window at a fairly decent rate on this Easter morning. The temperature is about 34 degrees so not much accumulation is happening, but there are a few places where it's lightly dusting the ground and on the roof, as you can see. I just hope the Easter bunny didn't have to hop through too much snow on this cold Sunday morning.

The flood waters never reached I-44 at Highway 141 at the Meramec River's crest yesterday. That could've been a big ol' mess if I-44 had been shut down in St. Louis. Highway 141 might have to be shut down for several days after the water totally recedes because of all the clean up. Water still has it shut down this morning:

Tomorrow's commute is going to be so lovely. I'll have to wake up a little earlier to maneuver around this intersection to get to work.

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