Wednesday, May 28, 2008


What are we really going to do if gas prices really get out of hand? I know people give speculations on what the price could go to. Let's just say gas prices got to $7 per gallon; that means that only 10 gallons of gas would cost $70. If that won't keep people at home, I don't know what will.Do we compromise safety and comfort in order to get from point A to point B? A lot of these mopeds/scooters similar to the one above are getting 80 to 90 mpg and their max speed ranges from 40 to 60+. I'll be honest, the $879 that I would shell out on the particular model above and its great gas mileage almost seem worth it.

You know, I think they should come out with a reality show in which a celebrity and an everyday commoner (such as myself) switch places for a month and have to live on the other person's salary for a month. Let's see how Oprah could live on the a teacher's salary. Ha! Maybe something like that would allow delusional celebrities to take their power to Washington to fight for the everyday commoner.

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Thelma said...

send this to oprah and see if she would like to switch for a week or a month. A $500 dollar car repair bill to you would be like a $50 million bill to her.