Wednesday, August 06, 2008

AT&T is too big

Two reason I don't like AT&T:

Rachel and I moved back from St. Louis at the end of June, so we've been at our residence for about two months. When we received our first bill from AT&T last month, we were not only getting a charge for our service that we transferred from St. Louis but also there was a charge for our Internet service we had with AT&T in St. Louis. They hadn't disconnected our Internet service over a month after we moved. What the crap, right? Well, here's the kicker: We got our bill today from AT&T. The address from our apartment complex was still on the top of the bill, and once again we were getting charged for our Internet service in St. Louis at the apartment complex we left over two months ago, our normal phone/Internet bill, and a nice little late fee for the bill we were told not to pay last month. Rachel's on the phone with them as I'm writing this. Our ultimatum: If we don't get a normal bill next month that is charging us for what we're supposed to be charged, we're going to pull the plug immediately.

While we were in St. Louis, my parents lived in our house and got Internet service at our house with (you guessed it) AT&T. When they signed up, their billing address was supposed to be at their home in Marshfield. Every bill they had while with AT&T was always addressed to our house in Springfield, which was forwarded to our apartment in St. Louis. Every month, their answer to my parents was: "We'll get that taken care of." Sure. Next up, when they cancelled their Internet service at our house in Springfield, it wasn't disconnected at the time my parents requested and they received a bill for a month after the service was canceled. Upon calling AT&T, they were told to disregard the bill and not worry about it; a month later, my parents got a letter sent to our address from a collection agency for that bill they were told not to worry about. (My parents have never even thought of receiving a late notice, let alone a letter from a collection agency.) Unhappy with that because crap like that can affect your credit, my parents called AT&T once again to get things cleared up with the collection agency. They, of course, said they would do that. My mom called the collection agency two days ago to confirm that everything's cleared up, and (you guessed it) AT&T never contacted the collection agency to tell them it was their error as they said they would.

I hope they get in trouble again for becoming a monopoly like they did back in the 90s; they've slowly slipped back into a company that is absolutely too big for its own good.

So, if you see my on my laptop sitting over at Panera Bread (or McDonald's) next month after I receive my AT&T bill, you'll know why.

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