Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hurricane Madness

President Bush: Get things going. Gustav is on its way to mess with New Orleans, so get people sent to those areas now. There shouldn't be any excuse this time around.

Unfortunately Tropical Storm (soon-to-be Hurricane) Gustav looks like it'll impact New Orleans and areas along the Gulf.

Gustav's little sister, TS Hanna, is developing in waters to the east, and could impact the US. Current thinking is that Hanna will become a hurricane and then possibly track to the eastern US.

"Hanna is expected to intensify to hurricane strength over the next couple of days," Accuweather's website says. "The storm will become more of a concern for the Bahamas and interests along the East Coast late in the weekend and next week."

Tropical waters are stirring beyond that, too, and could mean even more storms and/or hurricanes, according to the same Accuweather site:

"According to Expert Senior Meteorologist Dan Kottlowski, two other tropical waves in the Atlantic could join Gustav and Hanna as named tropical systems. If that happens, it will tie the record of four concurrently named systems that was set during the 1996 hurricane season."

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