Thursday, September 25, 2008

PETA has your breast interest in mind

Calling all PETA weirdos. After watching KSPR last night, I was sickened to find out PETA's latest fight. In fact, I let out a titter at the thought. (Sorry for the pun.)

Can you imagine consuming some random woman's breast milk? Wouldn't there be hormones and other diseases that could easily be transferred from having breast milk in your ice cream (or other foods)?

So, it's immoral to have cow's milk because it's too traumatic for a cow to be milked (even though if she's not milked she'll have a disease), but it's moral to use women for their breast milk in our food supply.

Anybody else wondering what these people are smoking?

(Oh, and don't even think about giving us your Hepatitis C-infested milk, Pamela Anderson.)


Anonymous said...

This should be more normal than
drinking milk from a wild animal
(cow). I'll admit it doesn't
sound appetizing to me either.

Jack said...

I may be a liberal, but I am not a fan of PETA. Their ideas seem so out there for me.

How have they determined the level of trauma that occurs to the poor old cow? I'd love to see that research methodology.