Monday, October 13, 2008

Economy and bad grammar

Gas is going down and the stock market had a bounce back (the biggest increase in 75 years). That's all fine and dandy, so I'm thinking I can let my wife get whatever she likes -- just like Weird Al:

(My wife found the video, so I guess she's trying to tell me something.)

Oh, and I heard today that British officials are trying to help the global money crisis, along with several other nations. CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric reported tonight that Britain's plan to fix its nations financial problems included lawmakers' making contingencies that plans won't be approved unless top needless CEO bank/money institution officials are fired and no more bonuses are issued to the big cheeses. What a novel idea! Let's get that done, United States. Oh, wait, too many government financial affairs are happening for something like that to happen here. (Prove me wrong, please.)

On a completely different note, my wife found a nice little spoof on popular song "The Way I Are."

One more for good measure; I can do whatever I want 'cause I'm white:

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