Saturday, October 04, 2008

A few bad apples at Rockwood Summit

The school where I taught last year has a few bad apples, and homecoming was cancelled as a result.

Kudos to the administration for sticking to their guns and canceling the event and shame on the idiots who caused the problem.

Here's the letter posted on Summit's Web site:

Dear Summit parents:
In late September, I sent an AlertNow message to all Rockwood Summit families informing them of several inappropriate “traditions” that were occurring as part of our Homecoming Week. In that message, I informed parents and students that continued destruction of property in our community would result in cancellation of Homecoming activities. I hoped this message would convey the seriousness with which we view these inappropriate activities.
Upon our arrival to school this morning, Friday, October 3, RSHS administrators received several phone calls and visits from upset community members who were victims of vandalism and property damage on Thursday night. Numerous houses in Fenton neighborhoods were damaged with paintballs, syrup was dumped on porches, and permanent paint was used to tag cars with inappropriate language and vulgar symbols.
Because students have not responded to our repeated attempts to stop this destructive behavior, it is necessary for us to take action that reinforces the message, "This behavior must stop!" Therefore, tomorrow night’s Homecoming Dance has been cancelled. We will begin giving full refunds to all students who purchased tickets on Monday, October 6.
Next week, we will begin conversations with student leaders, parents and staff to discuss what changes to Homecoming Week we will make in the future.
If you have questions, please feel free to contact us.

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