Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Just for fun, I thought I'd throw a few pics at ya.

We met my uncle to introduce him to the French Quarter Café on Park Central East. Again, we enjoyed it. I had a shrimp Po' Boy and really loved it. We couldn't leave without some tasty beignets.

Rachel has been developing and creating some neckwarmers. Place your orders now! ;)

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Lisa said...

I tried to get him to try the cafe on our anniversary, but he wanted to go to Zio's instead. We hadn't been there for several years, so I thought, why not? After eating there, I remember why I hadn't been in so long. The service was surprisingly quick, but once we started eating, we realized why--the food was lukewarm. It was much better the next day after I heated it fully in the microwave.

I'm glad to hear that Springfield now has a good Cajun food restaurant. Do you remember PoBoy's, or was that before your time? Even Weeze liked it.