Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Millions come together — and not one arrest

When have millions of people ever come together and the police not have to arrest some idiot who makes a fool of himself?

ABC News is reporting that despite the two million who attended President Obama's inauguration, not one arrest was made:
As Obama has been President Obama watches the inaugural parade from the White House reviewing stand and prepares to attend numerous inaugural balls, law enforcement officials confirm that the the crowds that turned out for the day's festivities remained in check

"Zero. There have been no inaugural-related arrest[s] reported by any of our law enforcement partners today," the Secret Service said, as of 5 p.m. ET.

With the crowds dissipating now that Obama has been sworn in, law enforcement officials are breathing a sigh of relief that the headline event of the day passed without major incident.

Yeah, who would mess around with this?

Two million was quite a number for President Obama's inauguration. There were only 400,000 at Bush's inauguration in 2005. Of course, back then everyone had a job to go to. (That one's compliments of Jay Leno.)

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