Friday, May 08, 2009

Double-wide Damage

The building where I began my work in education was damaged in today's crazy severe weather event.

KSPR caught a shot of the damage to the modular unit (I was the king of the double-wide) where I taught my first two years.

Aside from sitting in duck-and-cover for about two hours with high school kids, I can't personally complain about any damage from today's storms.


Frank and Natalie said...

I'm glad you didn't have any damage!!! Did the school ever loose power? While at work Friday, flying debris hit my car and busted my driver-side window.

Compared to most... I did pretty well. Have a good weekend!

Aaron said...

No damage to us or any family in/around Marshfield. My aunt and uncle in Republic will have to get their house re-shingled, though.

The lights at school flickered a few times, but we never fully lost power fortunately.

I saw the parking garage on the news last night. That insulation was a mess under there. I always remember parking there when I worked for The Morning Scoop back in the day. There was always a musty/moldy smell in there.