Sunday, May 10, 2009

Fair Grove Schools likely out for the summer

No official word, but Fair Grove Schools Superintendent John Link asked Gov. Jay Nixon to end the school year early due to Friday's major storm damage.

As it looks from an article by the Springfield News-Leader, the governor will probably pass a bill that allows school to expire for the year:
Nixon asked Link if there was anything the school needed. The most immediate need is permission to end the school year now, nine days before it is scheduled. Grades 4 through 12 have damaged classrooms, and there is no place in town where students could be transferred temporarily, he said.

State law requires schools to be in session a minimum number of hours; to waive that takes a legislative act.

Rep. Shane Schoeller told Link that there were two bills to which the waiver could be added. The legislative session ends May 15.
If school ends early, students will still have an opportunity to finish any work and get a complete grade.

"Link told the News-Leader that summer school would still be on," the article says. "And if the school year closes early, he also wanted to give students the opportunities they needed to finish any work necessary to make the grades they needed to get."

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