Thursday, June 11, 2009

Former KSPR anchors get face time in Czech Republic

Former KSPR news anchor/report Danielle (Elliott) Smith and her husband, Jeff Smith, who was a sports anchor/reporter for KSPR, are doing well in the Czech Republic — something they didn't find out until recently.

I first heard about the story when Danielle, who now lives near St. Louis, put it on her Facebook status a week or so ago. Apparently her family's Christmas photo has ended up on a large sign in the front window of Prague specialty grocery store.

A friend of Danielle's was traveling and happened upon the advertisement and, of course, snapped some photos to send back home.

Danielle said in an Associated Press article that "the photo taken of her family last year got sent to family and friends, and was posted on her blog and a few social networking sites."

Here is an interview Danielle did on St. Louis's best TV news station, Fox 2:

UPDATE: Yahoo! has this as the main story on their front page this afternoon:

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