Saturday, October 10, 2009

Cupcake Burgers

Thanks to a blog post by Natalie (Nunn) Tristan a few months back, we were inspired to make something new for a fall festival we're attending tonight.

These are cupcake hamburgers with all the fixin's:

It really does play tricks with your mind when you're trying to eat them.


Kathee Baird said...

I saw Natalies post too. Question for both of you, are they any good?

Aaron said...

Well, we used healthy cake and brownie mixes from Mama Jean's. Had we used the full-of-trans-fat and bad stuff, I think they would've been better.

The other thing is that they play with your mind when you're trying to eat them -- at least that's how my wife and me felt when trying them for the first time.

Frank and Natalie said...

FUN! You guys did an AMAZING job.

Were they hard to make? They seem time consuming. Also, did you use real sesame seeds on the buns?

Aaron said...

Yeah, they were real seeds. It didn't really affect the flavor -- it was just like having seeds on a cupcake.