Thursday, December 28, 2006

A whole lotta nothing...

I've had a lot of various thoughts over the past few days:
  • Why can't we get a better cable provider in town? Today, I switched from rabbit ears to the most basic cable service Mediacom (better known as Mediacrap) offers. I am excited that I can actually watch the news without the fuzz. I guess we get Springfield's tower signals from Fordland rather than from the actual TV stations. Along with complaints about Mediacrap, the person who hooked our cable up today wasn't a Mediacom representative, but rather a sub-contractor. When a guy pulls in with his old Chevy pick-up and comes to the door with several of his front teeth missing and over an hour later than he was supposed to arrive, it makes you question the reliability of the service.
  • Teaching isn't too bad of a profession, but I'm questioning how much longer I can do it. I don't know if middle school is giving me a bad taste or what. I liked teaching high school better, but as Rachel has said, I still complained a lot. I've also been thinking that I'm not so sure I want to make $30,000 the rest of my life. Hey, I can go back to college and get my masters and make a whopping $40,000. This leads to my next bullet.
  • I've always liked the idea, but because I've been pondering the possibilities of owning my own cafe/bakery — similar to a Panera or Starbucks — in Marshfield on the square. There is a building on the square that I have loved for years and would really like to open a cafe with gourmet coffees; the typical morning pastries; and lunch that features sandwiches, soups, and salads. Marshfield has nothing of the kind, and I don't think a chain will come in anytime soon. A big concern with the business is that I don't know if the residents of Marshfield will pay much for a cup of coffee — but I think that there are enough business people at the county's courthouse that would relish a good place to go for breakfast and lunch. Like my mom says, it's probably just a dream — but why can't I take a risk in life? I mean, sure, I have no money nor rich family members to help start out a business. On the other hand, I have good ideas, and I'm still young enough to make decisions like this. I know it's risky being in business, and that does make me nervous. I'll just have to do some more considering and talking to people about possibilities. If you have some ideas, leave me some comments.

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