Saturday, December 30, 2006

Business Babble

Well, I've been thinking about it some more, that is owning a bakery/cafe. There are so many variables in having a business like that. It's a lot of work, and I honestly have no idea whether or not I would make the same salary as I do now in education. In a sense, that is my point: Why get out of education so that I can make the same salary as I do in education?

I've also been giving some more consideration of getting into journalism. I would like to get on at a TV station. I think that right now would be the best time to get on at KSPR and concurrently working on my broadcast meteorology degree from Mississippi State. I think KSPR is going to really see some awesome changes with KY ahold of it, and I would like to be apart of that transformation.

A big issue I have with switching careers is that Rachel is in college, and we must have one stable income until she's out (unless we want to get loans, which we don't). I have things I want to do (like getting back into journalism), but I keep thinking I should wait until she's out of school so that we can "play it safe" with being assured of my income. At the same time, who's to say I wouldn't have a stable income outside of teaching? That's my debacle.

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