Saturday, January 06, 2007


I haven't done much this morning. I know that waking up on Monday is going to kill me. I keep dreading going back to school, but whatever.

I had a good time last week going to the movies with my sister to see The Pursuit of Happyness. (Yes, the fact that happiness is spelled incorrectly drove me crazy, but, of course, that is addressed in the movie.) I would definitely recommend that you see it if you get the chance.

The next movie I'd like to see is Freedom Writers. I might try to see if my parents will go with me tonight. I need to branch out and get some movie friends because Rachel won't see anything because it offends her conscience. (The only movies we ever get to watch together are G-rated kids' movies.) If there's one cuss word, she can't watch it. I think that's OK, but I think she's a little obsessive about that. I don't condone cussing nor do I practice it, but people in the world do it. You can't hide from it.

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Rachel said...

Aaron, that is so slanted! I don't only watch G-rated movies. But why do a lot of movies bother my conscience? Because they have blatant immorality, obscene humor, and vulgar language. All the things the Bible says to distance yourself from.

You wouldn't be friends with someone who cheats on his wife, cusses like a sailor, and is a pervert in real why be friends on the tv and movie screen?

Just my feelings. I don't dictate what others can watch.



When I was at home I went to see the movies by myself frequently and it was a very enjoyable experience.