Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Rachel and I had a nice time visit with my friend, Nick Inman, at his fiancée's house in Conway. Sarah, his woman, lives in a 120-something-year-old house, which is very nice. We played an aggressive game of Uno and had a really good time. Candi, a friend of mine from high school rode with us from Marshfield to the get-together. Another friend of Nick's, Ryan, was there with his girlfriend, Rachel. Leslie, another of Nick's friends, was there. Rachel and I don't do much as a couple with other people (aside from my family members), so we really enjoyed our time there.

Come to find out, Nick and Sarah's wedding has been moved from September to July due to booking issues with the church. It's going to be quite the affair; as of now, the guest list is at 800. I keep telling them to run off and elope, but I know they won't do that.

On another note, I'm keeping my eye on a possible winter weather system moving in over the weekend and possibly a bigger system moving in Monday and Tuesday of next week. According to the National Weather Service, a series of disturbances will move through starting this weekend coming from a strong and moist Pacific jet, just as we're getting Gulf moisture moving through. Gulf moisture + cold + energy from the Pacific (strumming up from the four-corners region of the US) = good chance of winter weather. How's that for a math problem, Jean?

Click here for the most up-to-date information from KY3. Click here for the National Weather Service's most recent forecast.

Hasta pronto.

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