Thursday, February 01, 2007

A warning on tea tree oil, lavender shampoo

Be careful if you are a young boy who has been using shampoo with a combination of tea tree oil and lavender, as articles indicated today:

Lavender, tea tree oils tied to young boys' breast development

WASHINGTON (APF) — Lavender oil and tea tree oil, ingredients commonly found in shampoos and body lotions, are linked to the development of breasts in young boys, a limited US study showed.

Three pre-pubescent boys who were otherwise healthy developed breasts after using such products, researchers of the National Institutes of Health and the pediatric department of the University of Colorado School of Medicine reported.

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Well, I'm not a young boy, but I have been using a tea tree oil shampoo so I can keep my scalp nice and dried out. I won't be doing that anymore. Maybe that's why my breasts have been getting bigger, but that doesn't explain the rest of my body's growth. :) Time for new shampoo.

Today was a pretty good day at school. Most schools around the region were closed, but the roads here in the city weren't too terrible this morning. I'm glad we went because going until June 8 would totally depress me even more than June 7.

Rachel was kind enough to submit my application for a KSPR reporter position this morning. I know it's a shot in the bucket, but I'm trying for it anyway. Of course, I submitted a nice résumé and cover letter, but I also submitted a CD portfolio of articles I wrote as a journalist in the past. My broadcast experience is lacking, but I'm hoping that my background in Spanish, education, and journalism will lend themselves together to help make me a strong candidate for the position. Plus, now is the time to start working for KSPR, now that KY3, serving as its new management, is slowly transforming the station. I can see a lot of great things happening at KSPR, and I would love to be a part of that.

But, who knows. I might stick around in education for a few more years, but I feel that I do need to make a career change before I'm in too deep. A career in journalism (reporting or even meteorology) would be a nice change, but I heard of another possible option tonight with the Convoy of Hope from my friend, Debi Gasperson.

On another note, my best friend from high school, Nick Inman, is currently planning his wedding, which will be in September. I'm excited that he has found a match, and I know (as long as he doesn't drive her crazy) they're perfect for each other. It's odd how quickly it happened, but that's the way love goes, eh?

Finally, here's wishing you a great Friday tomorrow.

¡Hasta luego!

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