Thursday, April 19, 2007

Crazy people

What is the deal with all of these crazies in the world? The Virginia Tech guy was bad enough, but now we've had this Phillipsburg native, Christopher Suttles, threatening people at Missouri State University.

According to, he sent the threatening e-mails to one of my former professors, Mary Harges, who is the nicest Spanish professor I ever had, and Madeleine Kernen, the modern and classical languages department head.

KY3 also released contents of the e-mail in its article, which comes from a probable cause statement from the Springfield Police Department:

“Craig Hall is where all the theater majors (fags) go. It is where all the Spanish (SpiK) majors go. It is where the Arab language (san niggers) is taught. And I hear you gave a scholarship to a KiKe?

Today (cuz it is convenient) in Craig I may have the need to eliminate some Niggers, SpiKs and SpiK loves, Faggots and a KiKe or two.

Unknown to you”

I have to be honest with you, I had to look up what a few of these derogatory words meant. Anyhow, apparently he sent the e-mails from a computer in Craig Hall, and when he was apprehended, he was with a professor having an argument. What a time of tension for these professors and faculty members who probably knew that police were on the way to pick up Suttles.

He has just screwed up his life, but at least he didn't have a chance to screw up anyone else's. I applaud the administration and the faculty members for acting quickly on this threat and for nabbing him on the spot.

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