Sunday, May 18, 2008


To piggyback my other post about moving back, I have a few goals in mind (in the coming years, of course):

1. I want to build a house. I don't want your standard, run-of-the-mill house. I want something different and unique. My preference would be to build a house in the country, but relatively close to Springfield. I would like a house built out of recycled material or something different like, the house made out of trash. I think that particular house is ugly, but the more updated pictures reveal potential for a very neat home. I kind of am feeling an urban feel to a house -- sort of a warehouse or large space. If I couldn't build a house, I'd like to find an old warehouse or barn and renovate it.

2. I want space. I want to be able to go outside and work, on things like a really nice garden with vegetables, herbs, and various things like that. I'd like to have some animals, like chickens or something. Along with the space for me, I want to create space for Rachel so she can sew and do all the artistic things she enjoys. That would be included in the house plans, of course. I think as humans, we just don't get outside enough, and I feel like when we live in cities with tons of neighbors we just don't get outside in the fresh air and do stuff. With a nice little piece of property, that is something you can have.

3. Along with the projects in my "space," I'd like to have an old vehicle renovation project. I would love to get an old Classic Mini or an older pick-up that I could work on now and then, and hopefully learn how to work on vehicles.

These are just some goals. I think a lot of people might deem them silly or unattainable, but why shouldn't I try for them? I know it all costs money, but so does everything else in life. Why not dedicate some time and effort to achieve things that I consider goals. I feel like a person can be taught a lot through goals they work to achieve.

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Jim said...

Mom said she has seen several of these recycled trash homes around Niangua.