Sunday, May 18, 2008

Bring it back!

On KY3's Rewind to 1991 (watch now NBC reporter, former KY3 reporter LeAnn Gregg's report here), the state legislator was starting to ban what most kids I have in high school have never even had to think about dealing with (since most of them weren't even alive in 1991 -- yeah, that makes me feel old). The state was beginning its ban on corporal punishment in schools.

I don't think corporal punishment should be implemented on older students, but sometimes I think that elementary students need that sometimes. I think that anybody who says "NO SPANKING!" needs a head check. I definitely don't think spanking is the only answer to discipline and should not be the only consequence of broken rules. But I don't think it should be taken out of the range of consequences either.

I think the bottom line is that parents need to discipline their children. Most don't want to deal with their own children (whether it's a positive or a negative situation) -- trust me, I deal with that on a daily basis at work. But what will change that? I think parents should be required to take a course on child psychology, or at least if it's not a requirement maybe the government could give a tax break (or some kind of incentive) to people who successfully complete and pass a course on child development or something; I made that decision after taking my child psychology class as a requirement for education program at Missouri State.

Something's gotta change somehow, and I can guarantee you the U.S. education system isn't going to improve and meet the world's standards without changing our nation's child rearing practices at home.

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