Monday, July 07, 2008

Tea for Two

After inspiration from visiting Teavana while we lived in St. Louis, we're now trying out the tea experience. I've tried various Lipton and other boxed teas for a while but never the "real" teas purchased by the ounce. We visited Mama Jean's today, which we were told would open its new location the first week of August -- yes! Next on our agenda is getting a nice tea set to enjoy the various teas we purchased.

We finally visited the downtown library today and got to speak with Michelle Sherwood. I was a little awkward because I've corresponded briefly with her with her blog, but not much in person. It's nice to know I actually have readers who don't share my last name. Thanks for stopping by the blog, Michelle. I always enjoy reading yours.

Oh, one more thing: Like a lot of people, Rachel and I have picked up an extra job. If you attend this year's Ozarks Empire Fair, we might be taking your ticket or helping you park your car; we'll be working this year's fair starting day one. We can handle the extra money we'll get to do it, that's fo sho. If you're interested, you can still apply by this Saturday.

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