Saturday, August 02, 2008

Stick a fork in this tater; I'm done!

Rachel and I have baked for eight of the 10 days the Ozark Empire Fair was open this year. It's been neat getting to know some interesting people, and it's something we'll remember in the future. It's something, however, that we probably won't do again in the future. It's too much heat and sun.

Speaking of which, heat warnings will continue on into the next several days in and around the Ozarks, according to the National Weather Service:

"Hot and humid weather will continue into early next week. Afternoon temperatures will climb well into the 90s, with a few locations over extreme southeast Kansas and western Missouri possibly reaching 100 degrees. Afternoon heat index values will top 100 degrees across all of the Missouri Ozarks on Sunday and Monday."

A heat advisory is in effect for Springfield, but an excessive heat warning has been issued for areas along and northwest of I-44, more or less. See the latest warnings here.

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