Thursday, January 29, 2009

Better get that converter box

I think it's possible that we've been spared four more months of DTV transition commercials.

From the AP:
Washington (AP) — House lawmakers have defeated a bill to postpone the upcoming transition from analog to digital television broadcasting by four months to June 12.

House Republicans succeeded in scutting the bill to delay the transition, which is scheduled for February 17. Just two days ago, the Senate unanimously passed plan.

The defeat is a setback for the Obama administration and Democrats on Capitol Hill, who fear too many Americans are not ready for the switchover.

The Nielsen Company estimates more than 6.5 million U.S. Households that rely on analog television sets to pick up over-the-air broadcast signals could see their TV sets go dark next month if the transition is not postponed.

Oh lookie, there's one area where I do agree with Republicans — which makes sense since I (like my uncle Darrell) am a nonaffiliated independent thinker when it comes to politics.

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