Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cunningham split

Sad news from Webster County tonight.

The KY3 Political Blog is reporting that Neena Cunningham, wife of state representative Mike Cunningham, filed for divorce this week.

As a native Marshfieldian, I have fond memories of Mike handing out candy at Cunningham's, the local grocery store he owned.

Mike was elected to the house in 2002.


Jack said...

My wife and I used to live in Marshfield. I worked at The Marshfield Mail. Don't hold that against me. I'm really a nice person; I promise.

BTW, that's what I call a hair cut. Bald is popular round my blog.

Aaron said...

It's so much easier in the mornings. :)

Don't you just miss The Marshfield Mail? I reported there in 2001-02.

Jack said...

I liked the people but didn't care for the business. Mike Cullinan and I were roommates back in college. I hired him when I was the editor.