Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Weather or not

OK, I'm going out on a limb. I've read various blogs and long-range outlooks, and I've made my prediction: The Ozarks will have a snow storm at the end of January or early February.

There is some indication of a possible winter weather event coming up the weekend after next (somewhere around the weekend of the 24th — or a day or so sooner).

Here are a few snips from Fox 2 (KTVI, St. Louis) Chief Meteorologist Dave Murray's 2008-09 winter weather forecast:

The December, 2008 breakdown:
*** It is looking like the coldest December so far this decade...a real shock to the system
*** Possible record cold on several days and plan the budget for a wicked rise in heating costs
*** Limited snow...its a dry cold...but I do think we will see a white Christmas

The January, 2009 breakdown:
*** Look for big cold to continue for the first 10 moisture but trending toward snow
*** Then it’s a fast reversal for the last 20 days resulting in a break in the deep cold and getting milder
*** But with this "flip" the storm pace will pick up...several storms...each bringing a mix of rain, ice and snow

The February, 2009 breakdown:
*** It’s a mild start with a fast return to deep cold for the bulk of the month
*** An impressive storm with the weather flip...early month
*** Then moisture and storms are limited...spring stays in hibernation

I'm not seeing the mild temperatures for the last 20 days of this month.

You never know; we could have a nice early March snow like we got in St. Louis last year:

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