Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"Alice Variety" Improves

Until recently, radio station Alice at 95.5 wasn't one of my top picks for musical selection due to their overuse of stupid '80s rock.

But I've started listening again, and I have to say that I really enjoy the upgraded song selection. It's not the same old junkie '80s rock music; they're actually playing a true variety of music that has included more music from the later '90s and early 2000s — and even some of today's top hits.

It's about time we had a station with some of today's hits that don't include booty-spanking, lick-you-up-and-down-like-a-lollypop lyrics. They might even give Power a run for its money.

Go Alice!


Marukatsu said...

Um,I think ,there are many radio station in your coutry.
I used to listen FM radio stastions,
but now,I hardly listen those.
I listen Interenet radio now.
Have a nice day!

Leah Savage said...

Some of us happen to like "old junkie '80s rock music." But I agree that a variety is nice.

Anonymous said...

Time can never mend the careless whisper...
That junkie music continues to be recycled by today's "new" artists.