Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Both bond and levy fail

The Marshfield R-1 School school bond and levy both failed miserably:
Marshfield School Bond
> No 2,234 75%
Yes 760 25%

Marshfield School Levy
> No 2,267 76%
Yes 726 24%

I'm no expert, but I don't necessarily agree with the presentation of these issues from the district. It should've been proven to the public without a shadow of a doubt that we are overcrowded as a district. "That brand new high school" that will soon enough be 10 years old is only going to get worse, but how can Joe Shmoe who lives in the boonies realize that without seeing it first hand? Again, that's just my opinion.

Bad presentation or not, I'm not sure it would've passed anyway. With the economy as it is, any increase of money for any reason just isn't going to fly right now.

Guess the belt's going to be tightened up even more. Great.

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Anonymous said...

The school bonds in Nixa and Bolivar passed. Maybe see how they were presented for next time.