Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Changes coming to KOLR

According to the Facebook status of a news anchor at KOLR 10, changes are coming to the station:

"Very excited about the new BIG changes coming to KOLR 10 News. For those in this area, stay tuned and be sure to watch on MONDAY April 27th!"

That's all I know for now. My guess would be an updated graphics package and possibly a new logo. (I'm not a big fan of their current, shown above, or previous logo, below.) Maybe new weather graphics (I hope)?


Chris said...

It has to be a new logo and graphics pack, probably a set update as well.

Out on shoots, I've seen KOLR folks wearing winter jackets that bear what is presumably a new station logo.

I agree with you in that it is sorely needed.

Anonymous said...

I heard the wife of a very prominent coach is going to be working there.