Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Getting Paid?

Sara Forhetz reported today on KY3 that Positronics Industries is closing its Cabool location where 464 workers will lose their jobs. In a town of 2,168, that's a good chunk of people to lose a job.

Job loss is a terrible reality many people are facing lately, but the thing about the story that got me was the statistic Sara read in her report. She said that the average annual household income in Texas County is $24,000.

All these CEOs and head honchos ought to be ashamed. Not only should they be ashamed by Texas County's numbers, but also the average household income numbers of those counties with the highest averages in the state:

1999 Median Household Income
Highest Household Income by County Lowest Household Income by County
St. Charles County$57,258 Dunklin County$24,878
Platte County$55,849 Wright County$24,691
St. Louis County$50,532 Texas County$24,545
Cass County$49,562 Wayne County$24,007
Clay County$48,347 Mississippi County$23,012
Jefferson County$46,338 Carter County$22,863
Franklin County$43,474 Ripley County$22,761
Cole County$42,924 Oregon County$22,359
Lincoln County$42,592 Ripley County$19,671
Ray County$41,886 Wayne County$18,786

Information from the Missouri Economic Research and Information Center.

I'd say this is a good indication that the divide between the rich and the poor is being pulled apart further and further.

Remind me again why people freaked about Obama's implying or saying "spread the wealth" during his campaign?

What are we supposed to do as a nation to deal with this problem?

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