Thursday, September 03, 2009

Obama in our schools

President Obama might visit your school on Tuesday — just maybe.

Listen, I understand there are people who vehemently oppose Obama's stance and opinions. But since when is it wrong to let our children listen to someone encourage them in their educational interests? Do me a favor, parents, and put your kid's iPod ear buds in your ears for about 30 seconds if you're TRULY concerned about your children's influences.

Who CARES if you disagree with President Obama. Have your opinions about our leadership; it's a free country, right?

But, really, why is it wrong for someone in charge of our country to speak to the youth of the country about the importance of education?

Bush, Sr. spewed his nasty opinions around about the dangers of drugs. Oh, my goodness — don't you dare speak to my kids about that because I disagree with you!

I'm stealing a line from John Stossel tonight: Give me a break!

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