Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New east-west highway in south Springfield?

KY3 reported tonight on a proposed east to west highway in southern Greene County:

Do we really need it?

I know that rush hour drive times are pretty nasty in southern Springfield due to Ozark/Nixa commuters coming to and from work. But, isn't rush hour bad no matter where you are from 4 to 6 p.m.?

I'm not sure if concentrating on just that area of town is necessarily the best option. I think that all major routes need to be fixed in Springfield. Have you ever tried jumping onto East Sunshine during rush hour? Yikes. Why can't we work to improve all major thoroughfares in Springfield? Could we not work to have three lanes of traffic in both directions on all heavily traveled routes — like Battlefield, Sunshine, Chestnut and Kearney for the east-west roads and Glenstone, National, Campbell, and Kansas for north-south streets? If the flow were improved on all the roads in town, wouldn't traffic flow in and out of town at the beginning and end of the day much more smoothly?

As you can see, most of my post has question marks, so your comments and opinions are very much welcomed.

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