Sunday, November 08, 2009

Skating down memory rink

Growing up in Mountain Grove, Missouri, a small town about an hour away from any real metropolis, had its benefits, but it was definitely lacking in entertainment.

One thing's for sure, any recreation there was in MG, the McGrath family did it. I have fond memories of the bowling alley, tennis courts, swimming pool, golf course, and Taco Palace. (Taco Bell can't even begin to touch TP.)

Another major source of small-town merriment that I was able to relive yesterday was the skating rink. After some coercion from my wife to take her skating, we found ourselves — along with my aunt, uncle, and two cousins — at Springfield Skateland on South Campbell. Having not been in a pair of skates since 1994 (or maybe even earlier), I was a little skeptical of my abilities.

I was rocky at first, but by the end of the two hours we were there, I was zooming around the rink like a teenager. I have to say, too, that I'm amazed I didn't fall down — no, not even once. Rachel, who has a little more youth in her than I do, was the one who fell once and nearly took a small child out.

Nonetheless, we had a blast, and I'm glad my wife pushes me to do things I wouldn't normally do. Thanks for the memories and for the trip down memory lane, Rachel.

Get 'em laced up, girlfriend. I'm ready for some roller boogie.

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