Saturday, November 07, 2009

This Is It

We've been listening to a lot of Michael Jackson lately.

Last weekend, we saw This Is It, a movie that chronicles Michael's journey to create what would've been a powerful concert. We were initially worried that the movie would exploit Michael, but it really didn't. It was a well-put-together film that gives the viewer a behind-the-scenes viewing of the concert.

Now, I'm not as big of a fan of Michael Jackson as my wife, but I have to admit the movie really displays his love for music and just how much he loved to entertain. Yeah, Michael was unique, but I believe that's why he was on stage his whole life — as opposed to just being a child superstar that fizzles out as he ages.

Just like when you attend a concert, this movie made me want to listen to all of Michael's songs that I've enjoyed before.

Here are a few I keep playing on my commute to/fro work:

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Lisa said...

My nephew Ben is also a fan. He goes around the house singing "Smooth Criminal." His words—"Eddy, are you walking" instead of "Annie, are you ok." In listening to the video, I can see how he got that. It's pretty cute.