Sunday, February 25, 2007


I recently ran across a song that has been having me laugh like crazy. It's perfect because it describes my time teaching middle school. Listen to the song, think about your time in middle school, and I think you'll catch my drift. The song is entitled (perfectly) Mahnamahna.

As you can see, I haven't blogged lately. I've been a little out of whack lately. I took Friday off because I didn't feel too well; I had a cold (with which I'm still dealing) and a slight fever, and I was totally and utterly drained from teaching last week.

Maybe the warmer weather this week will help me make it through the rest of the year. I've gotta have some kind of fuel to make it 'til June 7.

It's funny. I have people, including my mom, ask where I'll be in five years. At this time in my life, I can't see where I'll be even six months from now. I have absolutely no idea. I'm keeping up my prayers that God will help me go in the direction He wants. Maybe you'll remember to keep me in your prayers. It would be much appreciated.

This evening we drove to our dream fix-up house on Highway AD in a rural part of the county. It definitely has a lot of fixing up to do, but it would be nice to have that opportunity to learn how to work on older homes. So, if you're interested in contributing $120,000 to our dream fixer-upper, just send me an e-mail. ;)

After we looked our dream house over, we drove some rural roads out to Marshfield and met up with my parents. We ate a little ice cream at DQ and looked at something else we can't afford: cars. It was fun to look around, though.

Well, I better go finish up the evening watching the Oscars and getting set for a long week. Here's wishing you a great week.

Hasta pronto.


Rachel said...

Am I the only one that doesn't get what this song has to do with middle school?

It's a cute muppet song, and recently part of a Dr. Pepper commercial...but I'm not going insane over here with laughter.

But whatever gives Aaron a good laugh I'm surely not hating on.

mom said...

A funny thing----none of us know
where we will be 5 years from now.
Our creator is the only one who could possible know that. So don't waste you're time worrying about it.