Thursday, July 23, 2009

New Sam's Club opens for business

KY3's story on the grand opening of Springfield's new Sam's Club. You can see Jenny, my sister, at -:53 seconds.

Last night's sneak peek opening of the new Sam's Club (at Campbell and James River in Springfield) was quite a mad house.

What was to be an invitation-only event turned into a grand opening to all members. It was a case of monkey see, monkey do: Monkeys saw other monkeys' cars in the parking lot and decided to come shopping, too. One would've wondered if all area monke — I mean members — did come with the lack of parking spaces and the number of people who were parking in the grass.

My sister, who has worked at the East Sunshine Sam's Club for close to 20 years, made the move to the new location. Despite her position in receiving, she was helping in last night's chaos up front doing the prescanning process where she scans all your merchandise prior to checking out and just gives you a ticket so that all the cashier has to do is scan the ticket to check you out.

And I guess her years of service to the east-side location (yes, it's on the east side of town — see the lady in the KY3 video who didn't know her directions) were integral to the new location. She was solving issues when management didn't have a clue.

Congrats to my sister for helping to open Springfield's newest big business in town. I know they couldn't have done it without you.


News2K said...

I couldn't get your KY3 Video to load.

Aaron said...

It works on my end. Anybody else not able to get it to load?